Doctan® Active:
Lasts a long time and keeps you cool.

For those expecting maximum power.

  • Immediate and reliable protection against mosquitoes, ticks and biting flies
  • Pleasant, fresh smell
  • Refreshing cooling effect for use in warm climates zones
  • Skin-friendly spray without preservatives
  • Protects against carriers of the Zika - and Dengue Virus
  • Suitable for children above the age of 2 years
  • Contains the active ingredient Icaridine, recommended by The WHO for malaria prophylaxis
  • Provides immediate protection for up to 12 hours

Reliable solution for sporting people and those traveling extensively.


Protection for up to 12 hours against resident and tropical mosquitoes


Protection for up to 8 hours against ticks

Biting flies

Protection for up to 8 hours against biting flies (e.g. horse flies)

Outdoors companion.

Enjoy nature at its best. To fully appreciate the beauty of nature, Doctan® Active deals effectively with mosquitoes, ticks and biting flies when you are outside.

Instructions for use

  • Keep away from children
  • Do not use on children less than 2 years old
  • Do not apply on damaged skin (eg sunburn)
  • Do not apply to sensitive mucosal surfaces (eyes, mouth, nostrils)
  • Renew protection after swimming
  • Apply UV-protection first, then Doctan® Active