Insect Stick®:
No worries despite insect bite!

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No Chemistry - no side effects despite strong efficacy

  • consists of natural wood free of any chemistry, electronics, electricity or battery
  • suitable for pregnant women and children*
  • temperature can be customized to individual needs
  • works well in most weather conditions without batteries
  • CO2 neutral
  • pocket size and so ideal as an outdoor companion
  • self-explanatory simple handling – even for kids
  • certified medical device

* should be older than 12 years old if used by child

So natural. So effiicient.

Rub the metal tip until the desired temperature is achieved

Put the metal end of the stick on the sting or bite and hold it for 5 seconds

Insect Stick® reliably and rapidly stops itching and swelling

How it works

Doctan Insect Stick® is applied with the metal end of the Stick on the injection (bite) site for 5 seconds. Prior to application the metal tip is heated on the rub block until the desired operating temperature has been reached*

*See instructions for use

  • reliably and rapidly stops itching, swelling following insect stings and bites
  • soothing effect mediated by moderate heat around 50°C


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