Doctan® Kinder:
Maximum protection for our youngsters.

For children and babies older than 6 months.

  • Immediate and reliable protection against mosquitos, ticks and biting flies
  • Pleasant fruity, light smell
  • Skin-friendly alcohol- free spray
  • Protection against carriers of the Zika-Virus
  • Icaridine (active ingredient) recommended by The WHO for malaria prophylaxis
  • Up to 12 hours immediate protection

Reliable protection for children.


Protection for up to 12 hours against resident and tropical mosquitos


Protection for up to 8 hours against ticks

Biting flies

Protection for up to 8 hours against biting flies (e.g. horse flies)

No stings. No worries.

Mosquitos, ticks and biting flies find our youngsters attractive. Doctan® Kinder gently and effectively protects children against the dangerous and unpleasant effects of stings and bites.

Instructions for use

  • Do not use the product on children younger than 6 months old
  • Do not apply to damaged skin (e.g. Sunburnt)
  • Do not apply on the face directly, first spray onto your hands and then rub into the face, avoiding the sensitive mucosal surfaces (eyes, mouth, nostrils)
  • Keep the product away from children
  • Reapply the spray after swimming
  • Apply UV-protection first, then Doctan® Kinder